Engineering Service

  • Today, the demand for outsourcing from companies and organizations in all industries in general as well as in the technical field of industrial product development is growing in order to promote the ability to solve problems with different technique.
  • Engineering services bring more flexible and convenient benefits in the process of using personnel, minimizing investment costs in terms of human resources involved in the project as well as investment costs in facilities. such as information technology infrastructure, equipment and machinery or software costs used for the design and development of industrial products.
  • In Vietnam, the demand for engineering service is increasing thanks to the advantages that the country has. Macro-economic and political factors have created strong changes and shifts in the global supply chain of products and raw materials. Vietnam with the character of a peaceful and stable country, young labor age makes up the majority of the population structure as well as relatively low labor costs are an extremely important link of this trend.
  • Vietnam is a destination not to be missed by large companies and corporations in the world in research and development of products. Along with that, the need for engineering resources is becoming more and more urgent for many companies that need to make the transition to a flexible and cost-optimized model.

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