Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, GEOVIA provides mine planning and geology modelling software that enable geoscientists, earth engineers, and urban planners to design, analyze, and simulate earth’s resources and automate processes helping to improve operational efficiency and optimize resource utilization.


Earth Design

Mine Planning Solutions to Identify Earth’s True Protential

Earth Resources Management

Substainable Solutions for Earth’s Natural Resources


Geology Solutions for Mining and Beyond

Urban Planning

Shaping the 21st Century Urban Landscapes

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Sustainable Mining

Forging a Responsible Future Through Sustainable Mining

Parametric Mine Design

Modernize and Elevate Your Strategic Mine Design

Open Pit Mining

Reach Peak Performance and Maximum Value In Your Open Pit Mining Operations

Block Caving & Underground Mining

Reach Peak Performance and Maximum Value in Your Block Caving and Underground Mining Operations

Mine Operations

Generate More With Less Through Advanced Mine Operations Management

Geology Modeling

Create Accurate, Reliable Geology Models for Mining and Civil Projects