Computer-aided Manufacturing Softwares CAM

CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software converts CAD (Computer Aided Design) models into information that machines on the shop floor can use. This type of software helps manufacturing companies streamline the process of turning raw materials and components into finished products. CAM software provides information on how different types of equipment should perform production operations such as cutting, milling, and roughing. Production managers use such software to prepare and plan production operations and shop floor workers use equipment efficiently and safely.

DELMIA Machining

Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, DELMIA helps industries and services Collaborate, Model, Optimize and Implement their operations.

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VERICUT is the standard for CNC machine simulation for conventional milling and turning, additive hybrids and composites. Companies, universities, trade schools and government agencies of all sizes use VERICUT.

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