Simerics - Pioneering in Fluid Dynamics Simulation Solutions

Established in 2005, Simerics Inc. develops, markets, and supports CAE software for simulating and virtually testing fluid pumps, valves, compressors, engines, and systems. Simerics focuses on providing tools that enable manufacturers to reduce hardware testing costs and deliver profound, unique insights into their products.

Currently, Simerics offers two advanced CAE tools: Simerics – MP and Simerics – MP+. With a team of leading scientists and engineers, Simerics has been at the forefront of developing and applying multipurpose computational physics since the early 1980’s. This knowledge and experience, combined with new advancements in computational physics, computational geometry, and software engineering, aim to provide customers with increasingly superior simulation tools for the next generation.

Simerics - MP - Simulation Software for Multi-Purpose Applications

Simerics – MP is a set of fundamental 3-D CFD capabilities and physical modules that enable accurate virtual testing for multi-purpose (MP) applications including single or multiphase flow, turbulence, cavitation/aeration, heat and mass transfer, particle and fluid-structure interaction.

Comprehensive Physics

Rapid Modeling and Simulation Generation

Detailed Micro-Level Modeling

Accurate Predictions

Features of Simerics - MP


Solves multiphase flow and heat transfer using the Volume of Fluid (VOF) approach with a high-resolution interface-capturing algorithm


Handles compressible and incompressible, laminar and turbulent, internal and external and steady and unsteady fluids flows use RANS finite volume based approach


Integrated general purpose mesher, automatically and directly applicable on CAD surfaces, even with default settings, easily refined by users


Take into account liquid vapor, non-condensable gas, and liquid compressibility together to form a very comprehensive cavitation and aeration model


Solves conductive, convective, and conjugated heat transfer in solids and fluids with temperature/ pressure dependent material properties

Simerics - MP+ - Advanced Simulation Software Designed for Vertical Industries

Simerics-MP+ includes all the capabilities of Simerics-MP, with added features such as streamlined setup procedures, automated mesh/re-mesh for key components especially moving components, and customized data reduction.

CFD solutions are provided for vertical industrial applications:

  • Simerics – MP+ for Marine
  • Simerics – MP+ for Vehicle
  • Simerics – MP+ for Turbo
  • Simerics – MP+ for PD
  • Simerics – MP+ for Valves
  • Simerics – MP+ for Systems
  • PumpLinx

Businesses interested in Simerics simulation solutions are invited to provide their information. AES Vietnam will get in touch to advise and send a quotation as soon as possible.