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AES Industrial Products

AES Vietnam’s Industrial Products is dedicated to providing customers with innovative solutions for recovering and reusing saturated steam thermal energy in various production lines, such as brewing, soft drinks, milk, and MSG. These solutions not only help reduce energy consumption and operating costs but also contribute to environmental protection by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. AES Vietnam’s team of experts can provide customized designs and installation services to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency of the systems.

Moreover, the industrial products segment of AES Vietnam conducts in-depth research and development activities to manufacture high-quality components for the systems of the above solutions. The company utilizes the latest technology and advanced manufacturing processes to produce durable and reliable components that can withstand harsh industrial environments. These components include heat exchangers, steam traps, control valves, and other related equipment that are critical to the efficient operation of the systems. By producing these components in-house, AES Vietnam can ensure superior quality control and timely delivery to customers, further enhancing their overall satisfaction.

industrial products

Our Product Lines:

  • Industrial Fans
  • Machenical Vapour Recompression – MVR
  • AES Block Bearing – ABB
  • Thermal Vapour Recompression – TVR
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Industrial Valves
  • Equipment and Spare Parts for Hydraulic Machines
  • Domestic Watse Treatment Equipment
  • Oxygen Enrichment Technology
  • Equipment for Producing H2